A Rendezvous With EDX: Swiss DJ Captivates Central Crowd

Central Lounge offers two large, sleek bars to accommodate guests' drink demands.

Central Lounge offers two large, sleek bars to accommodate guests' drink demands.

            Conversation with crowd members revealed a consistency among attendees distinguished by their respective formalities of dress, ages, and ethnicities: those assembled to spend their Friday evening at 2030 Steinway Street did not happen to wander into Central Lounge by chance. Serendipity of sound would take a backseat.

            Intimately acquainted with EDX’s repertoire of deep house vibrations, those clustered on the dance floor of the lounge iterated their enthusiasm to see the Swiss DJ, an enthusiasm credited to attendees’ self proclaimed long term interest in the Wynn resident’s productions. Satisfied by the blend of house/deep house beats supplied to lounge dwellers as all in attendance eagerly awaited EDX’s appearance, Central goers were immersed in the lounge’s ambiance. Guests sipped drinks provided by the lounge’s two sleek bars, reclined on leather chaises, warmed by the electric fireplace that functioned as the lounge’s centerpiece.

            EDX answered the crowd’s excitement at 1 AM, beginning his set--a derivative of his 2016/2017 "High On You" tour--with his energetic re-imagination of Sam Feldt’s “Show Me Love.” The energy of the crowd increased with each song. EDX elongated the upbeat direction that his set was positioned to take with a remix of John Newman’s “Love Me Again,” the successor to the introductory “Indian Summer Remix” of “Show Me Love.”

            A memorable moment of EDX’s two-hour set—spanning from 1-3 AM—was the drop of his new remix, “Feel The Same,” a take on Lika Morgan’s original, released January 6, 2017. The playing of the song marked the track’s first official debut in an EDX set. The track appears below.

            Determined to provide the crowd at Central with a cacophony of sounds to wow, EDX unveiled another remix, of the unofficial sort: the DJ paired the sultry beat of his “Cool You Off” with OneRepublic’s “Apologize” in a mashup style.

            Through a mere two-hours of live performance, EDX solidified his status as one of the elite artists to exist on the Spinnin’ record label, and furthermore, a manufacturer of deep house sound sure to expand his career exponentially within the year. When he inevitably returns to play Central in the future, EDX will certainly be more decorated than the lounge itself—with music awards, that is.