DVBBS's "Not Going Home" Music Video is All Summer Vibes

            DVBBS captured the sound of the summer season in their 2016 CMC$ collaboration, “Not Going Home,” the lead single from the duo’s 2017 six-track album, “Beautiful Disaster.” Distinguished from the big room sound for which DVBBS has cultivated a reputation—see smash hit, “Tsunami,” or “Immortal”—Not Going Home bears an undeniably catchy beat, and a comparatively understated drop best suited for summer drives characterized by rolled down windows, speakers pulsating sound into the dry outdoor heat.

            Supported by the Ultra Music label, the official video for Not Going home debuted on YouTube yesterday, the video opening with an image of the DVBBS brothers, Chris Chronicles and Alex Andres, taking off in matching sports cars. The video transitions from snapshots of surfboards cleanly cutting ocean waves to dune buggies making “donuts” in beach sand, Chronicles and Andres seated proudly behind the steering wheels.

            The music video is possessive of a youthful vibe as those featured in the short film slap “Not Going Home” branded stickers on the various surfaces showcased by the vido, including bike helmets and public transit walls. Not Going Home culminates in a live DVBBS show, the video’s final destination in its pursuit of various localities. While snow may just have fallen, Not Going Home materializes as a welcome preview of the summer season to come amid shovels of snow...sigh.