Rezz announces tour dates for Mass Manipulation world tour

            “Mass Manipulation” is one way of putting it, “[dance] world domination” is another.

            Regardless of what you call it, Rezz is capitalizing on the momentum that she has steadily maintained this year, increasing its intensity with the news of a career milestone, her first headlining world tour.

            Dubbed the “Mass Manipulation World Tour,” the initiative will invite Blackgummy, Bleep Boop, Crywolf, Drezo, Zeke Beats, and more to join Rezz as she traverses continents to deliver her dark brand of techno to listeners everywhere. The eponymous album, Mass Manipulation, is slated for an August 4th release on Mau5trap. The lineup will vary by city, yet regardless of the lineup per city, attendees can expect a show of a certain caliber, the supporting artists “handpicked” by Rezz, as the techno aficionado announced on her Twitter account.

             Rezz has now released a portion of the tour's dates, which may be viewed below.