Classics: Dillon Francis - Masta Blasta

In this week's edition of Classics we have chosen a very influential track that opened the gateway for a brand new genre, sound, and feel which was the original Moombahton. The mombahton sound has developed into tons of different styles and sub-genres, but Dillion Francis' 'Masta Blasta' will always be one of the first tracks to introduce this fresh sound.

Masta Blasta was one of Dillion's first productions and can be considered a staple track in electronic dance music. The sound of the deep subby kicks placed into a reggeaton style arrangement with perfectly placed vocal elements and a high pitched operator synth leadwill always be considered a Classic. The single was released on Francis' moombah filled Westside EP which also saw the first collaboration with Diplo on 'Que Que'. The iconic track has been transformed into multiple versions, remixed, and even re-birthed into a Trap VIP Mix which was just as much of a pioneer for Trap as the Original was for Moombahton. Overall anything Dillion Francis touches becomes a world wide success. We have been fans of the many hilarious faces, personalities, and music he's released since day one and will always be.