Future House/Trap Duo, "Chow Chow" Release Episode 7 of "Chewed Up" Podcast

Jones & Romeu of Chow Chow

            The saying goes “everything’s bigger in Texas,” a non exclusive phrasing that naturally must extend to beat drops when “everything” is the scope of the expression. And indeed, the phrase derives a musical sort of veracity from those beat drops engineered by Chow Chow, a Dallas based duo whose specialties include the manufacturing of not merely trap and future house music, but harder styles of the subgenres, where beat drops massive in scale bespeak an intensity of aesthetic distinctly belonging to Chow Chow constituents, Andrew Jones and his fiancé, Gabby Romeu.

            A physical manifestation of the title “relationship goals,” Jones and Romeu are a collaborative curiosity not solely on account of their relationship’s versatility, but additionally on account of their age; Jones—twenty-two—and Romeu—twenty-one—are among the youngest of those DJs seeking a niche in the community of established EDM DJs/producers.

            But don’t mistake their youth for inexperience: Jones and Romeu, representative of a trap/future house localized energy of production have steadily made a stage name for themselves via “Chewed Up,” a podcast hosted by Jones and Romeu that debut a new episode on alternating weeks.

            An original initiative designed to broaden the reach of Chow Chow’s music, “Chewed Up,” likewise seeks to showcase the musical projects of other artists; Chow Chow accepts submissions to the podcast, and notably features other DJs/producers on the podcast’s episodes. As such, trap and big room tastemaker, Xermane—known for his most recent release, “Cinco”—appears on episode seven of the “Chewed Up” podcast, a one-hour affair that merges the diverse offerings of Jack U, Herobust, Jaiko, James Blake, and Bon Iver, among other industry fixtures. An impressive showing of Jones’s and Romeu’s technical abilities, episode seven blends genres, styles, and bass lines to create a mix that will—as indicated by its title—“chew up” any bass enthusiast, much to their delight.