No Bad Luck This Friday The 13th: Chainsmokers Finally Drop New Single, "Paris"

             The Chainsmokers dispelled the superstition that Friday the 13th is the bearer of bad luck with the release of their long awaited single, "Paris," out as of midnight. The American duo, comprised of Andrew Taggart--who lent his vocals to the Halsey collab, "Closer," and now again to "Paris"--and Alex Pall teased fans--now known as "the pack"--via Twitter for months leading up to the song's official release. The Chainsmokers debuted the song for the first time at their December 30th show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Excited by the song's pending release, attendees of the LACC show posted videos of "Paris" to YouTube. The videos broadcasting the unreleased track disappeared just as soon as they were posted, promoting the song's mystery.

           Rumors swirled concerning the identity of the female vocalist on "Paris." While some speculated that the featured singer might be Selena Gomez, other proposed--and were correct in their conjectures--that the vocals belonged to 2013 semi-finalist of The Voice, French singer Louane.

         "Paris" bears a nostalgia that has become classic to The Chainsmokers' lyrical approach, recalling a past rendezvous in Paris, a reverie set to the tone of the song's chorus "if we go down then we go down together...let's show them we are better." 

        Fans must have been mystified by the album artwork for the track--revealed via The Chainsmokers' Twitter account on January 12th--and understandably so. The album artwork does not tout a twinkling Eiffel Tower with a romantic French scenic backdrop, but rather a small room with a rusted ceiling fan, a water stained ceiling, several layers of illuminated string lights, and a message on the wall "Stay Awake." The album artwork for "Paris" appears below:

          The album artwork initially appears at odds with the connotative beauty of the song's locality, Paris, the famed "city of lights." Yet a tweet from The Chainsmokers posted on January 10th signified that while Paris is the implied geographical setting of the song, the concept of "Paris" might be more abstract than many had thought. In an alternative definition of the word "paris," The Chainsmokers indicate the term to manifest in relation to the song as "a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn't genuine," and/or "an irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or day dreams." By either definition, the song gains a layer of depth and emotional complexity that it would not have possessed without the alt definition of "paris." Now that the wait is finally over, watch the lyric video for "Paris" below.