The Chainsmokers Have Officially Finished Completion of Their Debut Album

          The Chainsmokers are finally finished with their debut studio album, a record that will serve as the namesake for the “Closer” producers’ 2017 world tour, “Memories: Do Not Open.” “And it’s done…” The Chainsmokers tweeted, the message followed by the sealed box emoji that has come to be a graphical representation of the album.           

           The news of the album’s completion comes on the heels of the latest Chainsmokers offering, the "Roses" reminiscent collab with U.K. rock band, Coldplay, on their joint January 22nd release, “Something Just Like This.” A natural success given The Chainsmokers’ ear for dance music and Coldplay’s longevity in the industry as a hit making entity, the song has since infiltrated radio airwaves as perhaps a sample of what is to come on the forthcoming Chainsmokers work.

            With “Paris” assumedly another preview of the shape that the 2017 record will take, it seems only fair to posture that the album will follow in The Chainsmokers’ aesthetic of romanticized, musical nostalgia, an album that in defiance of its instructive title, we can't wait to tear open on April 7th.