Mad Decent Block Party Downsizes

It's an alternation that will have many asking if the brand has gone "mad." Mad Decent Block Party has covered ground in its nine years of production, expanding to India last year, touching down to twenty-two different locations in 2014, and making fifteen stops in 2016. The expanse of Mad Decent Block Party, a summer festivity that routinely recruits both hip hop and dance music artists, in past years appeared to foreshadow the brand's geographic growth, but as Mad Decent approaches its tenth anniversary celebration, the festival event will only be making two stops. 

Mad Decent's celebration of a decade will be coming to Festival Pier at Philadelphia, PA, and Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado. Both events will occur on July 7th and September 3rd, respectively.  

 Mad Decent explains the reasoning behind its decision to limit the festival to two locations this year in a recent Instagram post. The full message appears below. Therein, Mad Decent organizers explain that the current profundity of festival and music based events has led to an increase in venue price. Being that Mad Decent is "meant to be affordable to the masses," and the brand is committed to providing only a "quality experience," the name will be slowing down this year.