Cashmere Cat's New Single With Camila Cabello Has Leaked

            Cashmere Cat’s latest has leaked and has us purring with pleasure.

            The wait for the Norweigan’s debut studio album—a project titled “Wild Love”—has been considerable, with Cashmere Cat having announced the forthcoming album almost a year prior, on February 28th, 2016. As February of 2017 approaches to record a year since Cashmere Cat shared the news regarding the studio album, it becomes increasingly probable that the producer will release the album sometime around the Valentine’s Day holiday given the album’s focus on love. Cashmere Cat has accordingly tweeted various times about love—the album’s titular focus—with his most recent tweet on January 20th reading “love is in the air.”

          Our curiosity concerning “Wild Love” was piqued with the sultry Selena Gomez and Tori Lanez feature, “Trust Nobody”—the second single released off the album—and then again via the release of the album’s third single, “Throw Myself a Party,” a track that called on the talents of Tori Lanez, 2 Chainz, and Starrah.

            “Wild Love” follows what has already culminated in a “wildly” successful career as both a DJ and a producer for Cashmere Cat, who since his 2012 break into the dance music scene has toured with Ariana Grande and produced songs for Britney Spears and Kanye West. Yet in an initiative that places Cashmere Cat in the intimate position of strictly self production, “Wild Love” will offer a closer glimpse of Cashmere Cat’s personal sound, an album that will further shape our sense of the artist’s limits and boundaries.

            It seems that Cashmere Cat may be preparing to release a fourth single from “Wild Love” soon, one featuring the vocals of former Fifth Harmony group member, Camila Cabello. Amidst an emotionally charged split from Fifth Harmony, Cabello has declared her commitment to pursue a solo career. Having lent her vocals to Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bad Things,” Cabello now collaborates with Cashmere Cat in a single that has leaked, although video/audio of the leaked track is hard to locate online now that the leak has been realized. 

            The track is linked below, a drum dependent beat that has Cabello singing “this love’s incredible, incredible have a little mercy on me baby…” The leak surfaces on a random Twitter account championing Fifth Harmony, so while reliability must be taken with a grain of salt, the vocals are distinctly Cabello's.

            If Cabello seeks a strong start to her solo career, she has certainly joined with the right producer for a single that will undoubtedly advance both artists’ careers. Our only question: when is this one officially dropping?