Meet Casey Jones, Bass House Hit Maker

            “It’s a baes house type of thing,” declares bass house tastemaker, Casey Jones in his SoundCloud bio, a bio that limited to just that one sentence of description, creates a certain mystique for the Las Vegas based DJ/producer. Jones’s play on words “baes house” via a linguistic manipulation of dance music subcategory, “bass house” hints at a playful quality of Jones’s personality, yet given the brevity of his SoundCloud bio, there is much left to the imagination in one’s contemplation of the “Troll” producer’s identity.

            Just who is Casey Jones? Attendees at Northern California’s Bass Camp Festival will undoubtedly recognize the name, as will visitors of Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel, the Palms Casino, and the Foundry at SLS where Jones has previously appeared. If the locations don’t ring a distinctly bass heavy mental bell, then Jones’s alignment with Drezo, Borgore, Mija, and Dirty Phonics among others should—the DJ having played with some of dance music’s most prominent names.

            Those unfamiliar with Jones’s name may consider themselves enlightened; the young, self instructed producer gave an exclusive interview with Crust Nation in an effort to acquaint bass house enthusiasts with the DJ behind “Troll,” a track with a strong bass line that switches up various times throughout the track for a disjointed, hard effect that any “basshead” would appreciate. “Troll” has already garnered 13.2k streams on cloud based streaming service, SoundCloud.

            Casey Jones has a clear affinity for bass house hit making, a talent that has matured with Jones’s ever evolving musical style, a progression that has advanced Jones from dubstep sound to house to bass house. Jones describes “bass house” as a blend of dub and house elements; “it’s like getting two of your favorite toppings on a single pizza,” the DJ muses.

            Given the sophistication of Jones’s technique, the producer’s self instructed quality may manifest as a surprise. “I’m still learning something new every time I make tracks,” Jones asserts, in an acknowledgement of the omnipresent learning curve associated with music production. The former member of duo “Deaf From Above”—a pair that mutually concluded their careers together in 2016—Casey Jones assumed his current alias after Deaf From Above’s split, continuing to make music simply for purposes of enjoyment, rather than from a focused attempt to form a full time career out of production. Yet with Jones’s musical acumen, a full time musical career just might be an inadvertent result.

            Casey Jones will reappear for the 2017 iteration of Northern CA’s Bass Camp, take the decks at Dancefestopia, and hit the strip for a Miami Music Week event in March. “I’m just waiting on contracts,” Jones stated, a wait that we cannot foresee being extensive in nature given the DJ’s bass lined talent. Listen to “Troll” below, a track sure to convert each listener to a Jones fan.

            As Jones’s notoriety continues to grow what with his various 2017 appearances and releases to come—the producer hinted at several dubstep tracks set to drop in the near future—remember that Crust Nation is the first source for EDM newest top talents.