So There's a Bunch of New Music Registered Under Calvin Harris's Name...

             Have curiosity, will uncover, a phrase that resonates with music marketing/news website, EDM Sauce’s recent research into the claim that a Calvin Harris/Beyonce collaboration—a collab that would shake the dance music sphere given its union of two industry greats—was in the making. However flimsy or probable that claim may be—for as rumors continue to swirl regarding a potential musical partnership, the collaboration has yet to be confirmed in any truly substantial manner—EDM Sauce’s investigation into Harris’s productions in progress yielded a return that rendered the digging a worthy investment of time, the discovery of seven new songs, to be exact.

            The insertion of Harris’s birth name— “Adam Wiles”—into the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers—ASCAP, for short, a non-profit organization that protects member’s musical copyrights and orchestrates the collection and distribution of royalties—revealed several new tracks registered to Harris’s name. While the tracks are undated, and obscure—Harris’s name is noticeably the sole name to appear on each track, with no additional performers listed, an attribute that may either dispel the supposed Beyonce collab altogether, or alternatively prolong its existence in gossip, as the track may not be finished, or has simply yet to be registered with the ASCAP—the seven new registered entities signal that Harris indeed has quite the collection of “feel INCREDIBLE music” as he promised on his Twitter account.

            Perusal of ASCAP registrations was the vehicle through which the recently released Selena Gomez/Kygo single, “It Ain’t Me,” was detected prior to its February 17th drop date. While the admittance of new Harris branded music into Harris’s ASCAP log arrives as no surprise—the DJ has not exactly remained quiet about his recent musical ventures—the registration of a considerable number of new material suggests that Harris may answer “Slide,” his latest offering that couples the talents of Frank Ocean with Migos, sooner rather than later.

Images courtesy of EDM Sauce