Spinnin' Records accidentally publishes Infected Mushroom remix as new Oliver Heldens

          Spinnin’ Records was in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons yesterday. The label came under scrutiny once it was discovered to have released an Infected Mushroom remix as an Oliver Heldens Hi-Lo/Alok production, “Alien Technology.”

            A track that has long worked its way into Heldens’ sets, Alien Technology has been a highly anticipated song for weeks now. Yet once the song was released, Heldens fans noted that the single sounded distinctly different from its appearances in Heldens’ sets. The tune listed as “Alien Technology” was in actuality a new remix of the Infected Mushroom and WARRIORS’ 2007 collab, “Becoming Insane.”

            Spinnin’ incorrectly submitted the supposed Heldens track to Spotify and Apple Music, leading many listeners on both platforms to stream the wrong song for hours before the error could be amended.

Rachel NarozniakComment