Zedd Partners With Beautiful Destinations to Start Travel Series, Watch Here

            In what may very well be the collaboration of the year, “Welcome” coordinator, Zedd, has joined with “travel community,” and social media entity, Beautiful Destinations, to document his international travels, vlog style. The first episode of a series that will follow the DJ as he interacts with a variety of cultures from different worldly locations.

            Episode one of the “mini series” opens with a focus on Hong Kong, the city in which Zedd is filmed as via voiceover the “Clarity” producer recounts the rapidity with which his career gathered momentum, his vision for his music, and the manner by which music might be likened to art. The series is poised to be an intimate look at the humble producer, a voicing of the astute realizations and thoughtful contemplations entertained by the DJ, elements that we don’t have the opportunity to hear when Zedd takes a given event’s main stage.

            While the succeeding episodes remain yet to come—note that it is also currently unclear how long fans will have to wait in between each episode release date—the series already surfaces as a riveting glimpse of what is to come as the series expands and deepens.

            Watch episode one now, courtesy of the direct link below.