Trap Takeover, Courtesy of DJ BAILO

          It’s Monday, December 26th, meaning that for those who’ve spent the weekend celebrating the holiday season with a little too much eggnog, or for those still recovering from a turkey or seven fishes induced “food coma,” the return to work today may be especially arduous. As the post holiday depression begins to set in in full effect—fret not, New Year’s Eve is a mere five days away—summon energy with the musical equivalent of caffeine: trap music. To get yourself back into the structure of a work week with a heavy bassline, look no further than trap DJ, Bailo’s remix of Figure’s “The Omen.” Opening with an ominous, singsong twist on the childhood nursery rhyme, “Ring Around The Rosie,” the track’s first 1:03 is devoted to a strong buildup rivaled in intensity only by its succeeding drop. 

            Fans of DJ Figure’s original track, “The Omen,” receive a chance to see the DJ perform live at Webster Hall’s “Boys & Girls” show on January 13, 2017, where DJ Figure will entertain with DJ Yookie. The show is set to begin at 10 PM. Those interested in securing tickets for the show may contact us at 718-593-3480 to purchase.

            Brooklyn born Bailo is no stranger to the scene, particularly as it grows in Astoria; the Queens raised DJ was put in touch with his roots via his performance at Central Lounge’s Friday December 23, 2016 pre-Christmas event, “Elf’d Up.” A “gathering of Santa’s and Elves,” the event served as the platform for attendees to tap into their inner child via costume while being served beats by Bailo, Fightclvb, and Xermane, with support from DJMFNYC, and DJGatorr. Event participants traded traditional Christmas carols for Bailo’s intoxicatingly hard trap style.

            The 25-year-old DJ was not always immersed in the genre of trap music, a fact that is perhaps surprising given the natural quality with which Bailo manipulates the genre’s sound. Bailo initially sought a career in singing, no doubt a desire that stemmed from the influence of his grandfather, an Italian singer, and a major familial influence on Bailo, known formally as “Gennaro Bailo.” After completing auditions for American Idol, X Factor, and The Voice, shows designed to produce careers for their talented competitors, Bailo’s intention to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and become a singer shifted, translating into an equally passionate pursuit of a career in music production, specifically within the realm of trap. Bailo’s efforts have culminated in the release of an individually produced mixtape, “No Sleep,” and the release of “Clique,” under the Borgore label, “Buygore.” Once posted on music streaming/sharing service, SoundCloud, the song enjoyed a positive reception among SoundCloud users, eliciting the comment that the song was the “Best Trap Song of 2015.” “Clique” is linked below, in addition to the most recent Buygore & Bailo release, “Breaker.”

            Bailo draws support from the “Let Me Love You” mixer, DJ Snake, Borgore, Brillz, HeroBust, and 4B. The recent split of trap powerhouse, Flosstradamus has stunned fans and the Internet alike, making room in the trap genre for a new face. Bailo entertains no reservations about claiming the trap genre as his own, in a trap “takeover” that mounts with each new release. As Bailo himself notes on his official artist Facebook page, “this is only the beginning.”