Van Buuren Defies Stylistic Parameters of Sound With New Release, "I Need You"


            It doesn’t immediately sound like an Armin song, and perhaps that is the draw of Van Buuren’s new single out on January 6, 2017, “I Need You.”

            A melodic track that pairs piano chords with the raw vocals of Olaf Blackwood, “I Need You” is a tune sure to surprise Van Buuren fans in its deviation from the trance sound that has defined the Dutch DJ’s style.

            The “A State of Trance” producer surprised his following back in 2014 with the release of his Mr. Probz collab, “Another You.” An electro house single distinguished from Van Buuren’s collection of trance/progressive trance tunes, “Another You” hinted that Van Buuren was not only comfortable with the concept of expanding his sound, but would indeed increasingly do so in the years to come. Van Buuren’s experimentation across genres has now yielded “I Need You,” a song whose expected popularity will likely stem from its respective tonal differences.

            “I Need You” is a track reminiscent of the tropical house style familiarized by Kygo and Sam Feldt in recent years. The single’s lyrics “every minute, every hour I lay broken like a flower ‘cause I need you, I need you” bear an honesty matched by the lyrics of Kygo’s “Stole the Show.” If Van Buuren’s latest offering is any indication that he will be adopting a more tropical style—however tempered that style appears in “I Need You”—we certainly would not mind. Get a taste of Van Buuren’s most recent example of his musical versatility below.