Steve Aoki Presents Fashion Line for 1st Time at New York Fashion Week: Men's

            He’ll sleep “when he’s dead.”

            For between producing new tracks and debuting said music on decks around the world, American electro house/dubstep DJ, Steve Aoki, already has little time reserved for minutes spent on slumber. Enter New York Fashion Week. Right around the corner with it’s 2017 debut scheduled for Thursday, February 9th—concluding on Thursday, February 16th—international fashion designers will take their tailored collections to one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City, in the hops of dictating future trends via the reveal of their exclusive lines to press and buyers alike.

            Among the staples of fashion—Kate Spade, Zac Posen, Diane von Furstenberg—is a name that those acquainted with the dance music scene will recognize not from a fashion week schedule of presenting designers, but from music festival lineups and individual show dates: Steve Aoki.

            The Dim Mak record label—founded by Aoki in 1996—has grown in utility since its 1996 establishment, evolving to become not merely a platform for music production, but an events company, and a “lifestyle brand” involved in the construction of a streetwear line designed by none other than Aoki himself. The “Dim Mak Collection” has its roots in the Japanese fashion market, designed in accordance with Japanese fashion styles for the male population in Japan, yet displayed its wide range of offerings at New York Fashion Week’s “Men’s” event.

            “I’ve been screening T-shirts since I was 15,” noted Aoki in a backstage interview given before the collection’s exhibit. Much like music production, fashion design has resided as a long term interest in the DJ’s repertoire of projects: “To be able to do this now [present at NYFW], in this way, it took awhile but it’s what I’ve always wanted,” states Aoki. Although Aoki has created four collections for the label previously, this is the first time that any of Aoki's collections have been revealed at New York Fashion Week. The intention behind the NYFW exposition rests in Aoki's desire to showcase his work to a wider audience, not to relocate his Japan based designers/initiative to New York.

            If there are “bags” under Aoki’s eyes given the various efforts with which he is involved, rest assured—those bags are designer.