Alok Dazzles Webster Hall in NYC Debut, Cinches Rep as One of Gotham's Strongest Headliners

            As he walked behind the DJ deck post set, pausing to take photos with fans on the way, it became apparent that the wide smile on Alok’s face was not a grin merely made for pictures, but one reflective of the Brazilian’s sincere enthusiasm, having successfully made his New York City debut.

            Yet even “successfully” is an understatement of performance, with words inadequate in their ability to define the energy brought to Webster Hall on Saturday, January 15th by the Brasilia native. Placed intimately on the floor in traditional Gotham style—which relocates the headlining Saturday night DJ from the Webster stage to crowd’s level on the floor in the interest of creating a comparatively more personal experience/atmosphere—Alok would find himself surrounded by fans, with the sizeable crowd extending from the rail separating Alok from crowd members to the very back of Webster Hall’s third floor. The show not coincidentally sold out. Closely clustered, Gotham attendees buzzed with excitement as Alok emerged, opening with his Sevenn collab, “BYOB.”

            Those with developed palettes in the house genre would be elated with Alok’s range; the DJ delivered CID’s remix of The Magician original, “Shy,” CID’s “No Scrubs” reimagination, “No!” and a silky remix of Valentino Khan’s “Deep Down Low.” Alok likewise demonstrated his versatility; the DJ notably dropped the Red Hot Chili Peppers staple, “Otherside,” and Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Gotham proved to be the ideal occasion for Alok’s introduction to the metropolitan rave locality. The room’s relative darkness, complemented by an understated yet tasteful manipulation of lights and effects created a cozy yet sexy noir ambiance.

            Alok concluded his energetic set with his hit single, “Hear Me Now.” With bright eyes and his hands in the air, Alok thanked the audience, his passion for the dance music scene almost palpable. Tjani swiftly appeared to carry the Gotham crowd into another energizing set.

            Alok’s Webster Hall performance was of a dual effect: the appearance solidified Alok as one of the year’s strongest DJs to headline Gotham, while simultaneously identifying Alok as a DJ primed for a breakout year in the states. We can hear you now, Alok.