EDX Heats Up EDM Climate With New Single, "All I Know"

            House music lovers, rejoice: Swiss house staple, EDX has gifted the genre another irresistibly crafted track, his latest offering, “All I Know,” infused with “old-skool synth stabs” that energetically embody, even trumpet, the return of the summer season. A single slated for some serious dance floor cred, All I Know debuted early prior to its April 10th release, unveiled for Miami Music Week partiers during the city’s weeklong celebration of dance music.

            Now accessible to a range of listeners extending far beyond mere MMW event attendees, All I Know is expected to skyrocket to the top of EDX’s various smash releases as the “Show Me Love” remixer continues to blaze through a number of states on his international tour. It’s no secret that EDX has already solidified his nice in electronic dance music, but on a micro level, house music, yet the unstoppable producer full of tenacious energy continues to surge forward to further develop his name in the context of the scene.