So We're Totally "Falling" for Alesso's New Single

            Alesso has once more “taken our breath away” through the medium of song, more specifically, through his new single that dropped today, “Falling.”

            The shower is where some of us do our best—and our worst—singing, and the shower is accordingly credited by Alesso as the birthplace of Falling’s melody: “It all started when I was in Korea, and I started humming the melody in the shower. So I got out of the shower and started working on it immediately,” mused Alesso when asked about the track’s conception. Diligent work on a new single is after all a valid reason to remain wrapped in one’s towel post-shower.

            “Falling” is in some ways a departure from the progressive house style for which Alesso is predominantly known. Coupling a silky female vocal with a noticeably deeper bass line almost reminiscent of deep house in the song’s drop, “Falling” represents a new forging of production style for Alesso that is surely to be further developed via future singles to be released by the Swedish DJ. In a nod to his ever evolving musical aesthetic, Alesso notes “I’m growing so much. I’m just taking my time writing songs, writing the toplines, and trying new sounds. I am taking things one record at a time for now.”

            That’s all “for now.” Alesso fans can inevitably expect to hear new Alesso music prior to official release at the 2017 edition of Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, where Alesso will headline one of the festival’s three days. The festival is commonly the site of choice for DJs in their debut of brand new music, as recognized by UMF on their official website. In an informational section intended to better acquaint first time goers with the festival’s purpose and reputation, the site reiterates “Historically, many artists choose UMF to debut their new music because of the vast international audience viewing and listening at home, and due to it being the first major festival of the year.”

            While Alesso aims to keep fans patiently waiting as his musical style further develops—whether it be in the studio, or in the shower—come March, we may “fall” even deeper into Alesso’s advancing sound.