Leaked track list suggests Avicii will drop two-part EP

          What Avicii promises, Avicii [is poised to] deliver.

          The “Levels” producer teased new music via an Instagram clip days ago, captioning the clip “New music coming (very) soon!” The Instagram snippet would be the first sample of new music from the DJ in months, Avicii having previously announced his retirement in 2016.

          While “new music coming (very) soon” is promising, the prospect of a two-part Avicii branded EP is explosive. Avicii notably proclaimed that his next album would be the “best damn album” of his career, but he didn’t mention that that “best damn album” just might arrive in two segments. The suspicion arrives on the heels of a leaked tracklist bearing the titles of tracks set for release. As the handwriting on the leaked set list indicates, five songs make up what will be “part 1” of the EP, titled “Lord” on the leaked document. Details surrounding the second half of the EP have yet to be so clearly outlined, leaving some mystique to the leaked image.