TomorrowWorld may return in 2018

        Like a phoenix, TomorrowWorld is poised to rise from its ashes.

        As TomorrowWorld’s “parent festival,” the Boom, Belgium based Tomorrowland Festival, is currently in the midst of its second weekend of production, reports are circling that the U.S. version, TomorrowWorld, may return as early as 2018. The rebirth of TomorrowWorld is credited to Tomorrowland’s renewed contract with LiveStyle, and its related desire to continue expansion abroad.

       Tomorrowland representative, Debby Wilmsem, commented on the contract renewal, stating “The relations between SFX (SFX rebranded as LiveStyle in December of 2016) and Tomorrowland were acidified, but now that new people are in control of the current LiveStyle, there is a new approach.” Wilmsem’s remark indicates that the new and stronger relations between both entities have the potential to result in exclusive event developments not previously possible.

      Wilmsem did not share further information regarding the status of TomorrowWorld’s intended time or location. TomorrowWorld notably did not return for another year of production in 2016.