M.I.A. contradicts Diplo's interview comments about her

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            That M.I.A. and Diplo go way back is common knowledge—the two dated for five years, originally meeting at London’s Fabric nightclub. Diplo recently spoke on this serendipitous meeting at the nightclub in an interview that M.I.A. felt she needed to clarify, given a recent Instagram post that explains how she met Diplo, and who “discovered” who. Diplo notably took credit for “discovering” the artist at the nightclub, but M.I.A. went on to explain in her Instagram post that she was the one to approach Diplo with a copy of her record.

            Diplo responded to M.I.A.’s post, identifying the post to be the product of a “grudge” held by M.I.A., but later deleted his tweet. While Diplo’s comment is unfortunately irretrievable, M.I.A.’s post may be read in full below.

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