Avicii shares release date for forthcoming EP, "Avīci"

            Weeks of teasing have finally amounted to an official EP announcement.

             Avicii disclosed the release date for the five-track EP this morning. Due next week, on Thursday, August 10th, the EP, dubbed Avīci, will offer full versions of the two songs previously teased by Avicii, “Lonely Together” and “Without You.” The EP will additionally bring three new tracks to listeners’ tables, “What Would I Change It To,” “You Be Love,” and “Friend Of Mine.”

            Many might perceive the EP’s title, Avīci, to be a play on words, a linguistic manipulation of Tim Bergling’s stage name, “Avicii,” and to some extent, it undoubtedly is. Yet on a deeper contextual level, Avīci possesses a larger significance. In Buddhism, “Avīci” is the lowest level of hell, reserved for those who have committed the most base of all sins.

            The reference is certainly apt, what with Avicii’s medical riddled history restricting his ability to tour and perform in the past.

            Title aside, the EP will be a defining moment in Avicii’s resumed career. Watch the EP announcement video below.


Rachel NarozniakComment