Deadmau5 is now a lord

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 1.32.23 PM.png

          Deadmau5 and his wife have a new title: Lord and Lady.

          While the title is one that notably can be acquired by anyone who visits the “Lord Titles” website, willing to pay the 36.95 euros to gain the title, that doesn’t detract from deadmau5 and his wife’s newfound royalty. In addition to the titles, the couple received a gold embossed certificate, as well as “assigned dedicated land within the Hougun Manor Estate.”

         “Yup. It’s legitimately official. I am a f*cking lord. And grill [deadmau5’s wife] is a lady,” Deadmau5 boasted in a recent Instagram post.

Rachel NarozniakComment