Did Martin Garrix tease his Axwell ^ Ingrosso collab last night at Creamfields?

            Martin Garrix closed out Creamfields last night, showcasing his ability to captivate a crowd, and duly justifying his title as the “#1 DJ in the world.” Notably crazy for collabs this season, Garrix has debuted a number of new IDs throughout the festival season, teasing in particular a highly anticipated project with Axwell ^ Ingrosso that despite its knowledge among fans, has yet to be released, much of the collaboration’s detail currently unknown.

            Laced into Garrix’s set last night, however, was an ID that very well may be the Axwell ^ Ingrosso collab, as noticed by a Garrix fan Twitter account. If not the long desired Axwell ^ Ingrosso collaboration, then the account identifies it as a Matisse & Sadko effort. Regardless, the ID appears below.

Rachel NarozniakComment