RL Grime Drops Striking New Single, "Stay For It"

            Just days ago, RL Grime mailed out an exclusive, hard copy newsletter to some of his most devoted fans. Titled “Novazine,” the publication featured photographs of the DJ in the studio, a transcript of conversation between he and Miguel focusing on the development of their collaboration, “Stay For It,” a list of cities presumed to be those slated for a visit by the producer on his next tour, and a detailed letter describing “Nova,” the aesthetic for the next leg of RL Grime’s journey as a DJ/producer.

            The publication a precursor to a highly anticipated and yet still unannounced tour on RL Grime’s behalf, the unveiling of Novazine would only precede another RL Grime announcement, the release of Stay For It. A track that is both sexy and high energy in its coupling of Miguel’s silky vocals with RL Grime’s classic ear for thunderous builds and intricate drops, Stay For It will follow suit of its name, enticing listeners to indeed “Stay For It,” the “It” in question understood to be the debut of RL Grime’s next musical collection, albeit an initiative that has not received an official release date…yet. Stay For It is a powerful launch to RL Grime's new direction in production.