In Case You Missed it...."Tiesto Day" Now Exists

            Las Vegas, the “entertainment capital of the world,” bestowed a considerable honor on Tiesto in light of the MixMag named “#1 DJ in the World’s” birthday.

A beaming Tiesto receives the key to the Las Vegas Strip

            Vegas’s County Commissioner, Steve Sisolak touted the Dutch DJ’s many accomplishments, and commitment to the Las Vegas Strip—Tiesto is a regular fixture of Vegas venues, he currently holds a Hakkasan residency—in a speech given to the crowd gathered to watch the ceremony. Tiesto received an early birthday present: born January 17, 1969, the 48-year-old DJ was awarded the key to the Las Vegas Strip, a gift representative of Tiesto’s music industry pedigree.

            “Tiesto has changed the face of the DJ world. Through his dedication and passion for his work, Tiesto continues to be an inspiration, not only to other DJ artists, but to all Las Vegas performers,” Sisolak commented.

            Yet the key proved to be only a portion of Las Vegas’s “birthday present” to Tiesto. January 14th was named “Tiesto Day,” in an effort to reserve a date to commemorate the DJ. While “Tiesto Day” has unfortunately passed this year, a sad fact for diehard Tiesto fans, the “holiday” may be eagerly anticipated for its 2018 approach.

         The now 48-year-old tastemaker produces music among a predominantly younger crowd, with 2016’s #1 DJ, Martin Garrix at 20-years-old, “How Deep is Your Love” hitmaker Calvin Harris at 33, and “Clarity” producer Zedd at 27-years-old. Yet Tiesto’s age is merely a testament to his acute DJ/production skills, an acumen that has earned him longevity and reverence within the electronic dance music scene.

          Happy belated birthday to Tiesto, whose music only gets better with age.