Dotcom to Release New Music

Secrets almost never remain as such, making Dotcom's dual identity as Marshmello less of a surprise, and more of a known mystery once news slowly circulated months ago that Chris Comstock, the man behind both Dotcom and Marshmello, had another alias. 

That additional explosive--and then, new--alias explained Dotcom's relative disappearance, the DJ failing to release music that would expand the Dotcom branch of his musical library in over a year. But the waiting period--if anyone has indeed been waiting--will now draw to a close, as indicated by Dotcom in his most recent tweet, posted yesterday. 

"Time for some new music..." the producer tweeted, conveying that a Dotcom branded release is imminent. What style that release will take will remain to be heard, Comstock's range of technique no doubt augmented and broadened given his long term work under a separate alias.